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Advantages and disadvantages of mountain bikes with 29" wheels

A particular type of mountain bike are Niner. In another way, these powerful and elegant at the same time called the bicycles-Niner, tventinaynerami. The main difference from the usual Niner mountain bike noticeable to the naked eye - is the diameter of the wheels. If the majority of mountain biking have 26-inch wheels, the diameter Niner rim is 29 inches. It would seem that little difference in practice proves to be very sensitive, which is particularly appreciate the high cyclists. The idea to create a mountain bike with larger wheels belongs to Jeff Epps, who over 30 years ago proposed to increase the size of the standard wheels. Of course, Niner have their advantages and disadvantages.
сравнение 29 дюймовых горных велосипедов
Benefits Niner
The main advantage of 29-inch bike - its universality. This mountain bike is perfect for transportation in the city, and for the conquest of the forests, mountains and other obstacles. Due to the large diameter of the wheel the whole bicycle design becomes much more stable trajectory of movement in rough terrain while significantly mitigated.
Smooth drive - another significant plus Niner. Traffic on this bike becomes very uniform and comfortable. Rubber increased wheel has more contact with the road, which means that the ground pressure is less, which positively affects the ease of movement.
Disadvantages Niner
It has 29-inch bicycles and minuses. Firstly, Niner suit is not for everyone velolyubitelyu. If your height is less than 165 centimeters, from the purchase of Niner, most likely, will have to give. Riding on a high and massive bike can turn into a real meal. Due Niner size increases and their weight as compared to conventional mountain bikes that will appeal not every cyclist.
It should also be noted that Niner - this is not the best option for getting around the city with a large number of streets and alleys. Accelerate to an incredible speed on a straight stretch of road - always welcome, but written in a narrow alley in such a bike is not always succeed.
In short, the Niner can be called modern mountain bikes, which are ideally suited for high-bikers who want to go quickly, smoothly and comfortably on any roads.


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