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Cycling-guide and instructions

     Online shop sport bike "VELOBEST" offers for you to become a bicycle theme. We have carefully selected for your information on the most useful and interesting information.
These articles and instructions will be useful for both professionals and amateurs, and beginners cycling. They deal with the main issues that may arise: it is a choice of the new bike, the selection of the correct frame size, characteristics of the products of various manufacturers, the differences between styles of bicycle riding.
     We have tried in these articles all the detail and explain in detail, and in a fully accessible form for unprepared reader. After reading, you'll be able to easily answer any question related with the bike, without the help of consultants sellers. This section bicycle shop VELOBEST.RU - This is your best guide in the world of cycling!
It is a mistake to come to the bicycle shop and buy just any bicycle which design you like. We can assure you, different types of bikes - not a marketing ploy veloproizvoditeley. It is a necessity! After selection of the bike depends on a huge number of factors: gender, age, height of the rider, the alleged riding style, reasonable price category, the desired brand. We will tell you how to choose a bike in a simple and accessible way.
Choosing the correct size of a road or mountain bike, you ensure yourself a daily comfortable ride without pain in the back and knees. When purchasing a bike for sports or participate in competitions, the correct landing on highways and mountain biking is even more important. Professionals will find it a unique software calculator geometry bike, taking into account not only growth, but also the length of the arms, legs, and even the width of the shoulders to the rider.
Groupsets, after the frame, the second most important part of any bike. Under bodywork usually have in mind the following parts: rear and front derailleur, and crank system, cassette, chain and carriage, brakes and shifters. Mounted group account for a dozen different model lines and modifications. How not to get lost in such a huge choice of this article will tell you.
We often conduct test drives sold in our bikes. Describes in detail the characteristics, conduct a detailed photo session. We explain the advantages and disadvantages of the test bike.

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