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Road race bikes

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Road race bikes
Road bike, also known as a racing or shosser, is a bicycle designed for competition road cycling and roads with good pavement. The most important characteristics of road bike are its weight and rigidity of which determine the efficiency at which the power from the cyclist pedaling can be transmitted to the driving unit, and then on its wheels. To this end racing bikes sacrifice comfort for the sake of speed. Steering wheel in such a bike is lower than the saddle, for the position of an athlete in a more aerodynamic position. Front and rear wheels close to each other, so that the bicycle has quick inking. Gear ratios stars arranged so that the cyclist can pedal with the optimal cadence. We should also mention cutting and triathlon bikes for trial, these roadies sharpened the speed reproach maneuverability. Characterized by increased aerodynamics, to determine such bikes are available for predelannomu sunbed on the steering wheel and the rear wheel, one-piece flywheel. 
    There is a misconception that in our "killed" roads to ride a road bike is not real and does not make sense that he was in a couple of holes, we are guaranteed to get the eight on the wheel, and in the worst case, it will crack the frame. Indeed, looking at the thin wheel sports bike and weightless in the hands of a carboxylic frame involuntarily doubted its reliability and the possibility of riding on it somewhere besides smooth cycling tracks. However, I can assure you, with the kind of sophisticated and seemingly fragile structure, rooted complex calculations engineers, high-tech attachments and advanced materials / alloys. 
      For example, take the road racing wheel, it is on the one hand zaspitsovano quite tough, but at the same time the material of the spokes and rim allows it to be resilient to bumps and potholes while withstanding any load. Of course, the wheel remains weak spot - the thin tires, jumping at full speed into a pit with sharp edges or border, we are guaranteed to her trial. But with due skill, over time you will learn how to drive through the pits and curbs, tossing to maneuver the front or rear wheel of the bicycle. It is imperative to monitor the pressure of the wheels road bike, because falling below 7-8 atmospheres we get not only bad management on rough roads, but also a higher risk of getting a puncture camera. It is recommended to buy a bike with a good pump with pressure gauge and be sure to check the pressure before each pokatushki. 
      Particularly afraid of taking Roadies people weighing more than 100 kg, but I dare them to please - shosser keeps the weight and more, checking himself with his 110 kg. Only a few precautions: 
No jumping off curbs, leave your bike handles and portable 
watch closely when driving potholes and large holes in the road 
be sure to always keep the high pressure in the tires of wheels 
      Remember - and the frame, and the hub and the rim, all the support your body a lot of weight to break the bike can only aggressive riding style, and with the weight of any cyclist! 
      But some will say, and in what sense to ride a road bike on rough roads, because there are mountain hardtail with suspension forks, or even full-suspension bike. After all, when driving on them do not notice the bumps and pits. Yes, that's right, the level of comfort bikes depreciation benefit to highways with a rigid fork. But once you ride on smooth asphalt on the road bike, to feel his frantic roll forward, to get used to the unusual wind landing on top, and you will never never change this feeling of flying over the road. There is a feeling that you are not pedaling, but only to tighten up, and the speed is 30 km / h and more. 
      Perhaps at first, due to a specific landing shossere, you will get sick of spin and there uncomfortable, but after a while your muscles get used to the new position and you will feel the advantage of easy overclocking bike because of the increased aerodynamics and convenience of various grips on the handlebars , on long journeys. 
      For a more comfortable ride necessarily buy a bike with a carbon fork, but rather a fully carbon frame, the verb and the wheel. Carbon provides excellent absorption microvibrations when driving over bumps. And in no case do not buy shosser with aluminum fork, it just whacks you with all hands on potholes.
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