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Scott Cannondale Orbea  Pinarello Trek Cube Willer Ridley

Welcome to online shop "VeloBest

We presented a range of bicycles from the famous bike manufacturers that you can buy at very low prices. We specialize in road racing and mountain biking elite brands Trek, Scott, Bianchi, Cube, Pinarello, Cannondale and others. Online shop "VeloBest" send you the bike in any city in World. In addition to the new bike, we have a great selection of used in excellent condition. 
    Also, you have a unique opportunity that is rarely represented in the bicycle shop, change gruppset, frame or wheels on a bicycle pleasing that the price will vary up or down. With each bike frameset possible to buy separately. 
     The basis of our work, we are laying the utmost attention and respect to each of our customer. We will help with choosing the right size bike for you and professionally advise on any technical issues. For regular customers we have a flexible system of discounts!


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