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MTB Hardtail Bikes

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MTB Hardtail Bikes

Hardtail mountain bike or a bicycle created for off-road driving in the first place - it is a two-wheeled mode of transport, which has a chain drive, pedal drive and some design features that distinguish it from other types of bicycles. In the second place - a collection of different sports that use this type of bikes. This bike trial, cross-country, downhill and others. It should be noted that mountain bikes differ in diameter wheels, for example Niner aka tventinayner or 29 "er - mountain bike, assembled on wheels size 29-inch tires with a width of not less than 5 cm. Frame geometry at this bike is optimized for working with the amortization fork swing from 80 mm and more. tventinaynera main advantage of large prohoddimost. compared with the usual 26 "mountain bike, a large moment of inertia of the contrary is a lack of bicycle with a large radius of the wheels. Accepted that tventinayner more suitable for people taller than average, as they look harmonious on the bike with a frame larger. Mountain bikes can be distinguished from the road by thick cap with large tread, sturdy frame in the shape of a trapezoid, durable wheels, soft suspension fork, and the presence of disc or V-brake brakes. These bikes can withstand heavy shock loads, so bought the bike will last you a long time even if you will use it for its intended purpose and not for country walks on dirt and paved roads. The characteristic appearance of this type of predatory Bicycle provided their high popularity. But if the bike is bought for a teenager, you should pay attention to the weight of the bike. Mass professional mountain bike is usually in the range of 8 to 12 kg, by the use of titanium and aluminum alloys in the manufacture of the frame. Cheaper models are heavy - up to 18 kg. The basic rule - the lighter the bike, the higher its value. Therefore, when choosing a bike and you need to consider its weight and of course your money!:-)

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