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Bicycle Clothing

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Bicycle Clothing
In store "VeloBest" lists only the original Italian and European veloforma from famous manufacturers: Biemme, Campagnolo, Castelli, Giordana, Marcello Bergamo, MOA Sport, Nalini, Santini, Sportful, Zero RH +. Only high-quality cycling wear. No China. 
Bicycle Clothing - is specialized clothing for cycling. While the vast majority of cyclists worldwide wear ordinary clothes, bike offers certain advantages for sport-oriented cyclists. For example, tight skinny bicycle jersey helps the athlete is easier to endure uncomfortable lowest landing on a bicycle. Also skinny veloforma increases aerodynamics and does not restrict movement to the rider. Pockets are typically arranged in a shirt on the back side for easy access. Lightning is often very long, so that the cyclist can unbutton shirt for ventilation. Clothing made ​​of special materials that are designed for a quick diversion of water from the skin, cooling the cyclist and wearing comfort. 
We should stop on this subject veloformy as cycling shorts, they are usually made short and tight, they are designed to improve comfort and efficiency while cycling. Velo pant as compared to conventional shorts have the following advantages: 
reduce wind resistance, increasing aerodynamic efficiency; 
protect the skin from repeated rubbing feet on a bicycle seat or frame; 
supports the genitals; 
removes perspiration from the skin to prevent chafing and skin rashes, and cooling cyclist down through evaporation; 
compress the legs, which can help in the fight against muscle fatigue; and 
reduce the weight of the rider clothing (compared to jeans, sports or ordinary shorts). 
improve comfort during long journeys 
In addition to cycling shorts / shorts and t-shirts there are a large number of other elements veloformy such as veloshtany, velokombinezony, Sleeve Series, stockings and knee pads, cycling gloves, thermal underwear, boots on veloobuv, and much more.