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   Bicycles were invented in the 19th century in Europe and now their number has more than one billion worldwide, twice as many as automobiles. The basic form of the bicycle has changed little since 1885. However, many details have been improved, especially since the advent of modern materials and computer-aided design. They will help to develop different types of bicycle for many velosporta.Izobretenie bicycle has had an enormous impact on society, both in terms of culture and promotion of modern industrial methods. Some of the components that eventually played a key role in the development of the car were originally invented for use in cycling, including bearings, pneumatic tires, chain drive wheels, tension - spoked wheels. 
      To date, there are many different kinds of bikes designed for specific types of riding: 
      Bike suspension fork installed. This type of bike offers a wide range of models, from simple bikes for people with little experience of cycling to professional models for experienced masters. 
If you are a fan of driving on paved roads or on a completely flat surfaces hardteyl fit just right. 
Bike racing cross-country 
      Designed for lovers of off-road racing. They are distinguished by the presence of an offset forward landing bike, 4-inch stroke and steep angles. On this bike you can comfortably travel around on the ground with an average degree of roughness, in addition it is easy to manage. 
Bicycles for amateur cross-country 
      The best choice for racing on rough terrain. They are simply created to overcome obstacles on the road. Proceedings of the bike varies from eighty to one hundred and thirty millimeters, and the pattern of one hundred millimeters standard. These bikes are suitable for cyclists level "cholesterol." 
Bicycles for enduro 
      Planting for a cyclist in a bike specifically shifted back a little, it significantly increases stability on uneven roads and steep slopes. Working stroke of one-hundred and fifty millimeters. As a rule, a mountain bike can do simple tricks, no more, but they are great for riding on uneven surfaces. Mountain bikes for enduro is the choice of freeride and downhill fans. 
Bicycles for downhill 
      On this bike is no problem at high speed ride down the bumpy slopes. It is for those for whom speed and jumps on the slope on the first place. Thanks to the powerful frame with a hundred and fifty millimeter stroke bike is capable of withstanding heavy loads during the descent, as well as a bicycle simply operate at high speeds. However, the bicycle is not suitable for stunts. 
Freeride bikes 
      Increased strength and high speed is exactly what this type of bike is associated. It is ideally suited to perform complex tricks, a hard landing on the ground. Due to the high precision control at low speed can be easily overcome by the way is very narrow lanes. Working stroke is between one hundred and fifty millimeters. 
Bike for road cycling 
      Narrow wheels, light weight, Aerodynamic fit virtually all the characteristics of the bike are ground speed. All advantages of the bicycle only open on a flat road surface.