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Doubts or fear of buying in our store

Сомнения в покупке

For example:
- And suddenly I will pay, but the goods will not come?
- And suddenly they will send something wrong or defective?
- Will I be able to assemble the bike on my own?
- what if the bike did not fit me?
Now we will try to dispel these fears.
Reading takes only 2-3 minutes.
How can I buy a bicycle without first "touching" it?
For all the time since 2014, we have only picked up the bike incorrectly once. We took him
back at their own expense and sent a new one - suitable.
To properly choose a bicycle, you need to consider how you will use it, as well as your height and weight.
Knowing this information, we will select the best model in a suitable price range for you. Our professionals will take into account even those details, which you did not suspect.
Whatever you "feel" bicycles, no matter how many sit on them - these feelings will not replace the exact professional selection that we offer.
We do not advise you a bicycle that you would not buy yourself.
Bicycles are not only our business, but also a hobby. We are well versed in them, we know the features of each model and will be happy to help you make the right choice.
And what if it's not marriage or something?
After payment of the order you will have documents confirming the purchase. According to the Law on the Protection of Consumer Rights, you can return the goods within 14 days, if you do not like it (sending for your account).
In case the product does not match the description on the site, you can return it back at our expense. All products are insured. In case of damage or loss of goods on delivery, its cost will be compensated by the transport company or by us.
If the goods prove to be defective, we will offer you a choice: repair, replacement, discount or refund for our account.
Will I be able to pick up my bike on my own?
You can assemble a modern bicycle even without experience. It takes 30 minutes of time and a few simple tools. All our bicycles are pre-assembled and set up, only the wheels, steering wheel and saddle are removed for transportation. Also, after the purchase, we will provide any professional assistance in the assembly by phone.

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