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Electric bicycles
Electric bicycles will save the city from the traffic jams! 
In a world of multiple machines, cork - not uncommon, and both want to get up later, not afraid of being late for work, or drive to your destination avoiding traffic jams. 
Dream? Reality! A huge number of people have already moved on bikes, preferring to save the environment, strengthen your health and take care of personal time. But what about the people who every day have to drive to the office and to stand under the shower at work does not succeed? In that case, there is a new invention - the electric bicycles. 
Outward appearance is no different from their non-motorized brethren, they have a number of huge advantages over them. Firstly, electric bicycles are not forced to pedal, but only ask for charging and want to do everything themselves. And they charge, not costing a "penny", because it is made from ordinary household outlet. Put the phone on charge and put the charge on the next vehicle - before it would seem a fantasy, but now - it's a sweet reality. However, the distance traveled by them on a single charge is low - 25 to 50 miles, but those who need to simply get to work and back without traffic jams that seem less significant. Second, motor bikes are absolutely noiseless, and therefore the buyer is not tired of the eternal sound of the engine, and will be able to enjoy the beauty of nature, because he will release a huge amount of time and, therefore, will be able to dedicate time to yourself. Electric bicycles are very useful for retirees who do not want to get out of the house in the summer. With this unit, pull out easily grandchildren grandmother on the bike ride, and while the younger generation will be hard to pedal, grandmother quietly enjoy the fresh air and the singing of birds, does not care about such trifles. An important advantage of elektroveloipeda - is its small-sized. Folded with it you can go to any public transport, and its weight is not much different from a conventional bicycle, it is about 25 kg. 
For conservationists, the invention was simply a breakthrough. Many hope that now, with electric bike, people will be less likely to use the machines, and thus increase the level of the environment in urban areas. 
Megacities get rid of their already seemingly inherent problems. Electric bicycles are used in many developed countries who are concerned about the level of environmental and cost of personal time for each resident. In England, France, Germany, Switzerland - residents have long been changed on the electric two-wheeled friend.
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Merida eONE-Twenty 900E
Size M ..
3 150$
Bianchi Aria e-Road Ultegra Disc
Size 57     ..
2 400$
Scott E-Spark 700 Tuned Di2
Size L ..
8 900$ 3 950$
Trek Powerfly 4
Size M ..
2 640$ 1 250$
SCOTT E-Genius 730 Plus
Size L ..
4 560$ 1 980$
Victoria e Trekking 6.4
Size S ..
2 700$ 1 150$
Focus Jam 2 Plus
Size M ..
6 300$ 2 850$
Haibike xDuro HardNine 9.0 Carbon
Size 50 Bosch PW 250Wh LCD DISPLAY ..
5 700$ 2 650$
KTM Macina Lycan 272
Size M ..
5 300$ 2 550$
Simplon STEAMER 275 ALU SLX11 MTB E-Bike
Size M ..
5 300$ 2 350$
Cannondale Tramount 1 29
Size M ..
3 700$ 1 750$
Haibike xDuro FullSeven 8.0 Carbon
Size M Bosch PW 250Wh LCD DISPLAY ..
8 300$ 3 650$
RLE Gravel
Frame Titan - Aerospace Alloy OT-4 Motor 250W (European standard) Concealed installation - rear wheel hub. Full Color LCD Display Battery based on 18650 elements Panasonic (Tesla parts) 36V 9.6 Ah The maximum weight of the rider is 100kg Titanium..
6 480$
RLE 27.5+
Mountain electric bike with super reliable equipment Shimano ZEE for real off-road. When you need the help of an electric motor - just turn on the electric drive and dose the load the way you need it! Frame Titan - Aerospace Alloy OT-4 Motor 250W (European standard) Concealed instal..
6 970$
RLE Urban SLX 29 - 2017
Frame Titan - Aerospace Alloy OT-4 Motor 250W (European standard) Concealed installation - rear wheel hub. Full Color LCD Display Battery based on 18650 elements Panasonic (Tesla parts) 36V 9.6 Ah Titanium frame Great experience in the aerospace industry and ..
3 680$ 3 190$