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Used bicycles

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Used bicycles
Most cyclist, before buying a new iron horse, is considering the purchase for the money, even if used, but b / the bike a higher level. Many call it a bad idea, because it is not known how rode this bike, maybe its just "killed" aggressive riding for a couple of months. There are newcomers who decided to take the bike, but they are afraid that the craze will pass quickly and they just feel sorry to throw to the wind quite appreciable amount for the new bike. But buying a new bike is a budget of money twice, they quickly become useless after one or two months of riding, and then used "ashanbayk", even for a low price is not really hard to sell! The purpose for these newcomers to cycling, find an offer to sell a great b / the bike is in good condition. 
      In the bike shop "VeloBest" works great commission shop with professional technical staff who will perform to the fullest extent of the proposed inspection of the used bikes. Before taking on the commission bike primarily we find out the cause of the sale. We unacceptable bikes with a dark history, not clear origin or stolen from the former owners. 
     Often we give the bike for the implementation of the athletes who have started to progress in the kind of riding, and so we decided to buy a more expensive bike or bicycle lover who realized that the type of its two-wheeled friend does not correspond to the type of riding favorite of, for example sells shosser to buy a mountain dvuhpodves for riding on potholes and forests. It happens that the previous owner just did not guess the size of the frame, and decided to stop and change tormented bike on a bike with a more suitable Rostovka. In all these cases, usually the bike is in excellent condition, well-groomed, and was used in a competent biker. 
Certainly you will want to satisfy themselves that the bike being purchased from us is normal and will not bring you more trouble in the future! 
         Let's say you have chosen in our store a used bike to start begin his inspection on the photos: 
      The easiest way to find real running bike is to pay attention to the condition Grips (place for holding hands steering wheel) or saddle, heavily jammed these accessories may be indicative of a run is measured in thousands of miles. Of course it is easy to get around installing new parts former owner, but it will also be much in contrast with other parts of the bike. In any case, it is necessary to assess the overall view of a bicycle on the presence of a strong paint damage, rust or dents on the nodes of the frame. Detailed pictures on our website, each bike, clearly show it all. 
        Usually beginners are afraid that a used bike will be a bad switch speed, but it's just - the smallest of problems. Our experts will handle even the most easily killed specimens, so it is necessary to pay attention to the level of body kit bike and visual condition of the whole set of groups. It is worth noting that quite difficult to visually determine the degree of wear chain and stars, but these components act as cycling wear parts, and even at full wear them easily and not expensive will change with the new. 
Fork and frame 
        The frame of each bicycle slowly inspected for curvature, breach geometry or places corrosion. Plugs are checked for play, scratch and shock absorber. Where necessary, carried out inspection plugs, replacing dmpferov, gums and oils. Air forks pumped special pump to the desired pressure. In the case of a rigid fork, it is inspected for cracks and other damage. Careful attention is paid to the attachment points on the axis of the wheel fork and frame b / the bike. 
      All hydraulic disc visible for leaks brake fluid, rotors or uneven pad wear, if necessary, we change the fluid and pump the brakes. 
        Wheels is one of the most expensive parts of a good bike, the stronger and lighter than they - the higher the price they cost. On used bicycles to give preference to the original collected vilsetam famous manufacturers, such as Shimano, Mavic or DT Swiss. We always check the wheel for eights and broken spokes. Very carefully inspect the rim: the place where the spokes are. If there is even a micro-cracks we refuse to take the bike to sell. 
You easily can see for yourself the condition of wheels - twisting it at idle, spinning wheel should easily, nothing it should not slow down, no outside noise is not published and the complete absence of even a small backlash. 
         It's simple, tires should not be worn without cuts and bumps on the side, normally shrunken on a wheel rim. 
         In general, do not be afraid to buy used / have great, let alone buy it in the bicycle shop "VeloBest", even if you find a bike bought missed breakage or damage to us, we will promptly solve this issue! 
       Our store also provides a large range of used bikes luxury brands, the status of all b / y is close to ideal. If you are looking for a cool bike at a low price, then buy a used luxury brand is the best choice! All our b / y bikes description present detailed pictures of each node on them you will be able to assess the overall condition of the bike. Also, every used bike we will be able to bring to you absolutely free of charge, you will be able to pay it has been inspected by you!