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Road bike for every day


     There is a misconception that according to our "killed" roads it is not realistic to drive a road bike and it makes no sense that if we get into a pair of holes we are guaranteed to receive an eight on the wheel, and in the worst case, its frame will crack. Indeed, looking at ..

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10 commandments of a successful cyclist


Hardly anyone would believe that their sports performance can be significantly improved, almost nothing to do without, but only care about efficiency. And after all in vain, as it is an extremely easy way to exercise that does not cause fatigue and terrible pain in all the muscles. It should ..

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How to choose a bike computer


Nowadays, technical devices have penetrated into all spheres of our life and accompany each almost around the clock. Bike computers appeared quite a long time, but, to date, it became really affordable and feature-rich gadgets which should be in the arsenal of every cyclist.   ..

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