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E-Bike MTB RLE 27.5+

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Brand: RLE Bike
Product Code: 27.5+
Availability: In Stock
Price: 6 690
* Size:


Mountain electric bike with super reliable equipment Shimano ZEE for real off-road. When you need the help of an electric motor - just turn on the electric drive and dose the load the way you need it!

  • Frame Titan - Aerospace Alloy OT-4
  • Motor 250W (European standard) Concealed installation - rear wheel hub.
  • Full Color LCD Display
  • Battery based on 18650 elements Panasonic (Tesla parts) 36V 9.6 Ah
  • The maximum weight of the rider is 100kg
Titanium frame
Great experience in the aerospace industry and 25 years in the production of various frames and components for cycling, has made it possible to create a frame for an electric bike that combines high strength and light weight. The frame is made of seamless titanium pipes, which are subjected to additional processing. The result is an increase in strength, fatigue life and rigidity. At the same time, the plasticity level, which is optimal for continuous operation of the material, remains.
One of the most energy-intensive batteries
If you do not know beforehand that you have an electric bike in front of you, you can hardly guess where the battery is located ... We use only the latest versions of Panasonic batteries that are installed in Tesla cars! The battery capacity is sufficient for a run from 50 to 80 km with easy pedaling. The warranty for the battery is 2 years from the date of purchase.
The motor that is invisible!
Few people will guess that you are riding not on the usual, but on an electric bike! A small but powerful motor is hidden in the rear wheel hub. The motor meets the European requirements for electric bicycles (Pass mode - the motor is connected when you start pedaling) Rated power 250W (max 400W).


Model year 2018
Country Россия
Manufacturer site https://rlebike.com/basic-configurations/rle-27-5-ru.html
Group set  Shimano ZEE
Number of Gears 1x10
Frame Titan - Aerospace Alloy OT-4
Fork RockShox SID RL 27,5+ 100 mm 2018
Rear derailer Shimano ZEE 10 s
Crankset Shimano ZEE
Brakes Shimano ZEE
Shifters Shimano ZEE 10 s
Handbar RLE Components Carbon Rigid
Stem RLE Components Carbon Rigid
Seat post RLE Components Carbon Rigid
Saddle RLE Components Carbon Rigid
Wheels Race Face Arc 27,5+ (35mm)
Tires Schwalbe Rocket Ron Evolution 27.5x3.0
Weight 14.9 kg

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