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How to choose a bike? Guide for the beginner!

First of all you must decide on the appointment of the bike and answer the question: "Where will I mainly ride?" Someone who likes to spend the weekend, traveling to outlying areas of the city where velolyubitelya always waiting for the dirt roads, the various holes, bumps, sharp climbs and slopes, broken branches under the wheels, puddles on the way ...
Someone needs a bicycle every day to get to work or take a leisurely stroll through the city streets, enjoying the urban landscape. There are those who love speed and is not averse to drive on the highway. Each of them need a very definite type of bike. Try to figure out which one.
Urban or road, bikes are designed for maximum comfort drive at a moderate speed through the streets, alleys, parks. They are easy to use, require no special care or maintenance-free. Most of these machines have a wheel diameter of 28 inches with tires of medium thickness and a small figure, which ensures a smooth ride on the pavement. At high road bikes direct planting, a comfortable steering wheel, large helium seat, many of them have basketware front trunk.
Mountain biking is best suited for traveling over rough terrain. From other types it features a powerful protector passable wheels, front suspension fork that can "absorb" all the bumps in the road, multi-rate transmission, providing a comfortable ride rider of any physical training. Elevated position pedals increases ground clearance that helps safely skip over any obstacles. These bikes are mostly equipped with more modern disc brakes, which make driving in severe off-road conditions safer. There are specialized mountain bikes for different types of riding: bike trial, cross-country, downhill, freeride, and others.
Full suspension mountain bike is different from the mining optional rear shock absorbers on its frame. Best choice for fans of extreme cycling disciplines such as downhill and freeride. But for those who like a comfortable ride on forest trails and mountain roads it is also perfect.
The hybrid model has all the properties of the mountain bike, but has a different wheel size (diameter increased from 26 to 28 inches). And as you know, the larger the wheel, the easier it is to "promote" them to a greater speed. Such as parquet jeep bike: in the dirt is not so scary to climb, and the track fast and comfortable rides.
Road bike - the fastest type of bike, designed for driving on roads with a good coating. His experienced owners can reach speeds up to 70 km / h. Typically, these bikes are lightweight, narrow wheels, a special form of steering - "ram's horns." It's worth noting that sometimes it can be difficult for beginners to ride a road bike because of the lack of suspension fork and specific landing cyclist while driving.
Modern youth bicycle can be a wonderful gift for the child. Such models - a small copy of adult mountain, hybrid and city. All components borrowed from the "big" bike, so that the reliability of the experience is not necessary. The main thing to look out for when choosing - a safety groin area boys and girls. If an emergency stop child will jump off the bike, the frame will be between his legs. In this position, the gap must be of 2-3 cm.
The item to which you should pay attention when buying any bike - frame. Now the most popular are the frame of durable aluminum alloy or high-tech carbon fiber. They are much easier to rest, that becomes evident when you carry the bike over the obstacle or lift to the apartment on the fifth floor. Yes, and this accelerates the bike with less effort.

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