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Bicycles brand BH Bikes

 Spaniards - Domingo, Juan and Cosme Beistegui (Beistegui Hermanos) started building bikes in the Basque region of Spain more than 100 years ago. From the outset, they knew, light and agile bike will be a significant addition to the strength of the rider. With this idea, they have made its brand one of the most respected and successful in the world of cycling. 
Since its inception, "BH Bikes" - a laborious work of engineers, designers and testers. This is not surprising, by bike from BH won the first Vuelta a España in 1935, and won it six times since. Athletes on bicycles "BH" received the yellow jersey on the eight stages of the 2009 Tour de France. 
Today, "BH Bikes" with production experience for more than 100 years, sets the standards Discontinued bicycles. "BH Bikes" has developed a specific line of top-end bikes are lighter, stiffer and more ergonomic than its competitors. They also produced the first monocoque carboxylic frame weighing less than 800 g 
Hold the top position at the highest level of the sport requires constant innovation. BH Bikes beginning of the first use of the extended seat tube, gave rise to "carboxylic conical plug in combination with" Enve "composites, patented cable management system within the channel of the frame called" Downtube "and produced the most stringent and robust mount switches in the world. 
BH proud that constantly develops its leadership in the technology of the bicycle. They are obsessed with the development and testing of new products and technologies that consistently lead athletes on the podium.
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